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Once again a plain day…

The days on the boat are hard to remember. At least what happened on which day. The routines are continues, the same, every day. And because of this, the days float together. Although, now, when we come home in ten days, a sort of countdown is present. I think all of us have home in mind a little more than before. We are past our last “real” destination, the Dominican Republic, and the next stop will be our last. The stop we fly home from, Miami.

Although the flight home is soon, the end of this trip likewise, we do still have 10 days left. And what do we do on one on these days?

The first of February I woke up at 7:30. Half an hour before my shift started. On this day, it was my turn to once again work in the kitchen. My fellow kitchen-working-partner got a concussion the nightshift before when she fell and hit her head on the lifeboatholder. This meant that my dear roommate had to take her place. Then the shift as a “backis” began. Because our shifts are from 08 to 12 we both make lunch and prepare the 10 o’clock fika. Time passed fast and soon both fikagroups had eaten their fika. We cleaned up their mess and started to prepare for lunch. It was fried rice. We fried the precooked rice and mixed it with greens. A lunch that is both easy and tasty. After serving the first lunch group, our shift ended.

The next shift started 8 hours later. At eight o’clock. The nightshifts in the kitchen are my favorites. Four hours where we clean and cook nightfika. But just like the dayshift, the time passes faster than you might imagine. With the opportunity to play loud music at the same time, everything kind of happens on routine. And once again, a whole day is passed and it’s time for the long, 7 hours, nights sleep.

Elina Witrén


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