Öckerö gymnasium

One day closer

Still heading for our second last stop Malaga, about 250 nautical miles left. The sea is calm and quiet, unlike the engine. Anywhere you look you can only see the horizon.

Today we woke up to a fantastic weather, the sun was shining and no clouds in sight. Since there was absolutly no wind we had to furl the sails.

When we were done we caught the oppurtunity with the great weather and started painting. Really not that much has been happening today so in lack of subject lets talk about painting. The process of painting is a beautiful thing and is much more complex than you´d think. You start of with knocking the rust off the surfaces you should paint and afterwards you tape the surfaces you dont want to paint to make the work easier. Then you clean everything with alcohol before painting it with base paint. Last but not least you paint the surfaces about 3-4 times with ”normal” paint. It may sound like a lot of tedious work but once you get into it its actully really fun, especially with today´s weather.

Besides enjoying the day as it is we´ve learned to splice ropes and practiced some nessecary knots. In the evening we cleaned the boat as we always do and we also got to climb the masts. Simply just another day on Gunilla!



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