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One day in four countries

Today was the first free watch for the port watch in Lisbon and every minute was filled with new impressions.

We only had one thing on our schedule today and that was to go to a museum that was telling the story about the fado music. A special Portuguese music style. The museum was far away from our boat but me and my two friends decided to go there. When we noticed that we had quite little time left we decided to rent electric scooters! Oh boy!!! That was fun! We were almost flying from the boat to the fado museum but at some places where the ground was covered with stones and not asphalt was it so shaky so I felt like the whole brain was being mixed in a mixer.

When we arrived (a couple of minutes late) it was time to go inside and learn about fado. It was possible to listen to some of the music and to look at the special guitars they are using! It was quite nice. After the visit me and my two friends stepped out of the house, looked to the left and to the right and then we just let our feet decide which way we should go. The feet chose left.

In this way we continued the whole day. I saw some of the most beautiful walls I have ever seen. We ate ice cream twice and when lunchtime arrived we found a really nice thing! It was a food market where people from different countries all over the world served food at a good amount of money. I ate food from China, India and Syria! It was delicious and really fun!!

After a day in four food countries it was nice to be home early and talk with the other classmates and see what they had done this day. The whole day was wonderful and I am looking forward to explore more of the city!

Matilda, Port watch


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