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One day, two birthday girls and three more experiences

This day reminds me of one day in september, on our second trip when I turned seventeen.

It was a different feeling when my friends instead of my family woke me up with birthday songs and a home made cake. The day continued with brunch, a picture on the ships Instagram account and an evening filled with laughter and celebrations together with sam1417 who was in Lübeck to visit us. Today was Idas and Erikas nineteenth birthday and it contained a lot of fun things. They got ballons and chocolate when they woke up and after breakfast we tried to come off the seven kilometer long pier that we are located at with the bout. Some of us hitchhiked with an ambulance while others stod back in a trailer with a groups of Mexican workers to get in to the city.

The first stop on our trip was Uxmal which is a pyramid left behind by the Maya people. We had our guide Russel who told us about the history and the building process. We climbed to the top of the pyramid and in that moment they toke the obligations picture of our birthday girls and post it on Instagram.

The sun was burning, the temperature was around 40 degrees so are second stop was diffidently needed for us all. We went to a Maya village where we got Mexican tacos from the locals, they also had a cenote on their land. A cenote is huge underground water cave filled with fresh water, so we jumped from a 13 metets plateau in to the water and the ground surrounded as walls.

After a few hours in the water and a bunch of interviews later we got in to the buses and drived to Progreso. Midship had watch so they were told to get back to the ship but because of a race on the pier they were trapped in the city which meant both of the birthday girls had the opportunity to come to the same restaurant and the evening continued with many good laugh and a lot of celebrations together with the hole class.

Starboard, Victoria Gomér


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