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One last rainy day in Bermuda

As I’ve realized during the trip and the different ports we’ve been to
it’s often worth it to sleep in until lunch since the fun doesn’t begin
until after that, I thought.

After staying up late the night before and doing some schoolwork I was
behind on my sleep so I decided during the lineup to go back to sleep and be ready
to enjoy the last day in Bermuda after lunch.  When I went up on deck
well rested and ready for my day to begin I looked up at the grey sky as
it opened it self and the rain started to fall.

The weather had been good when I was asleep a everybody had been to a
beautiful lagoon but when the weather is bad there isn’t much to do on a
paradise island, but since it was the last day in this beautiful and
expensive country, a couple of friend and I went to a couple shops but
when we were done we spend most of the evening using different public
wi-fi’s and talking to friends and family in Sweden over the phone and
when I went back to T/S Gunilla and had sat my las foot on land in Bermuda I
felt satisfied with my stay and ready to leave for the crossing over the
Atlantic ocean.

Pål Hassellöf, midship


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