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One meter sausages

Soon we’re arriving to Bermuda which means beautiful beaches, coral
reefs, cute houses in different pastel colours but also that starboard
won’t be working the 4-8 watch anymore. Most of us don’t know if it is a
good thing or not but one thing I’m sure about is that none of us will
miss the knocking on the door at 3.30.

The last 16-20 watch of the journey wasn’t any special, but it still
contained a lot of fun. It started as usual. We furled some sails witch
we have done so many times that the results are starting to look quite
good, in my opinion at least. Or maybe the staysails doesn’t always end
up perfect, neither the ”regular” ones when the wind is too strong, or
when someone says something humorous and nobody can concentrate enough
to do it properly.

Anyways, at 18.10 it was dinnertime. Today we were served sausages and
fries. It seemed as everybody already were in a good mood but if someone
wasn’t, that person sure got when Ludde ate ten sausages. The first 5,
he ate by own choice, but the rest of them were more or less an order
from one of the boys who worked in the galley. At 18.35 we have to leave
the little mess room and by then Ludde had managed to swallow one meter
sausage in 25 minutes. Something that we in starboard are extremely
proud of!

Except looking at the beautiful sunset, we didn’t do much more this
watch, but I still think that it was a terrific end. I will miss some
things, like sunsets and sunrises but it’s also exiting to try something

//Astrid - Starboard


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