Öckerö gymnasium

One of the locals

Today was the first day ashore at the Azores after four days at sea and one night by anchor.

After we got a spot in the harbor, we left the boat completely whitout a plan and ended up in a high school hang out spot and observed what the school kids did. Everything looked very different from how the school environment looks in Sweden. For example, their outfit looked like they were taken straight out of 2016 and it was not the vibe. It’s seemed like the main event on their breaks was to ride around on their mountain bikes and smoke. At first, we were too shy to approach them but when we were just about to leave one of the guys said, “bye girls” and did a backflip straight out of nowhere and we were so shocked. And this thing really made me feal like one of the locals.

Afterward we decided that it was time for lunch and ended up at a restaurant that we thought was expensive but to our surprise it was a great deal, we were five people that ate, and we ended up paying only 26 euros all together!

Finally back at the boat our own captain decided to give us a show by playing both the violine, the guitar and singing his own written songs. My favorite moment was when he started rapping the song “discovery channel” while playing the violine.

We finished the night whit playing some card games and drinking tea and then went to sleep.

Liv Melin Didriksson, midships


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