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Only 24 hours left.

Today went by fast. It started with a sleepy morning watch with washing deck as mission. Later on, there was some lessons, a quick but greasy evening watch and some very nice news.

Today started off early, about 03:30 in the morning. Me and my watch, portside, were woken to begin our watch at 04:00. As we were slowly making our way up the ladders, I was greeted with the happy news. The galley was serving rosehip soup as night snack for the watch. Which I love, however our officer in charge, Oskar, and watch leader, Karin, was not as keen about this as me. However, they don’t do as much work on deck as us hard working crewmembers. Therefore, they don’t need as much energy as us ;)

The night watch went on fast. We practiced to furl our sails, more specifically the fock sail and big sail. Which was very needed… because I don’t fully remember any of the names or functions of the parts on deck. Towards the end of the watch we washed the deck which is our main assignment on the morning watch between 4-8.

After the watch most of the crewmembers in portside watch went on a nap to lunchtime. I slept 1 hour and then trained for about 30 minutes. After that I watched some series with a friend. Then it was time for lunch. Three lessons started right away after lunch but went by pretty quickly.

The afternoon/evening watch began at 4 o’clock. We greased leather in the rig circa half of the time. Then we went on talking and socializing therefore it went by fast. However, as we had one hour left our officer in charge told us some amazing news. We are approaching Charleston at rocket speed and therefore we are now only 24 hours away. That means we are to be sooner in harbor that thought. Which is never negative. Our pilot will board our ship at 19:00 tomorrow (19/4), and lead us safely in to the harbor. However now I am finally going to catch some sleep. Good night.

Anton Lundin, Nas1720



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