Öckerö gymnasium

On our way

Here onboard it's very good actually, even if the 40 degrees heat sometimes kills us, it's not a joke.

I think we all have got used to the heat, but Mexico is really hot, I shall not complain about the heat, because I know the weather in Sweden isn't that good.

Except that the sweat from the heat, Mexico is a very beautiful country with a very good taste of food and culture. The contrast is incredible here if you compare with Sweden, especially the food prices and what you will have for salary here. It's very cheap, you can have a Coke for like 4 SEK and a nacho for 40 SEK.

Tomorrow we are sailing to Tampa which is our final stop for this trip before we are sailing for Miami, cause we are going back to Sweden. It feels weird that this is the last time spent here on Gunilla and that we probably are not coming back, or maybe some of us will, haha.

If you count the weekends it's almost three left, before we are home, it's not a long time, but it feels good anyway because it's so much at home that is waiting for us when we are back, especially our graduation.

Nathalie SW, Starboard


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