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On our way

An extra day in Madeira did not mean an extra day to walk around on this beautiful island for us in port Watch. This meant a day of nothing but hard and traditional manual labour.

The watch-day onboard indeed went on quite painlessly. Me and my shipmate Viktor got the task to clean the rigging from tar. This is easiest made with a piece of old clothing drowned in a vast amount of white-spirit. We sat in the main mast while day day broke and by the 10 o'clock coffee break most of the tar stains was still not removed, but we had a great chat in the sun while watching our friends go ashore to enjoy the last day with solid grund below their feet. The day went on and to did the tar removal. After lunch it was time to go to the foremast to do the same job and By 3 o’clock we had reached the last component of a complete watch day, cleaning below deck. This went on quite painless and we could spend the rest of the day to call our wives and sweethearts for a last goodbye before the sea-leg home. I used the last hours of stable internet connection to download music and other entertainment to prepare for a pre historic lifestyle we have waiting for the next couple of weeks. With only 200 megabytes of internet per week the only form of communication ashore will have to proceed through something called e-mail.

When we heaved in the last mooring line our agent was sitting on the dock of the bay to wave us goodbye, the mood among us was expectant, you could really feel it in the air (tonight). It was all sort of under pressure, This will probably be a walk on the wild side i thought. But perhaps It will all work out with a little help from my friends, god only knows.

Tally Ho!



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