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On our way

Finally on our way to Gunilla with the best group in the world. We been so excited for this trip since the last time.

We started our journey with meeting up on Liseberg and then we went to Olso by bus. After the security check, we had to wait for our flight to Fort Lauderdale. It was a long flight and everybody was sleeping except me. I was so distracted of the beatify view from the window. The clouds looked like cotton candy and the lights from every city was like a night sky with stars. One more thing that distracted me was the tv screen in front of me. I could watch all my favorite movies and play solitaire witch is my favorite game.

We had traveling for so long when we finally arrived to our destination. The time was 11pm when we came to the boat. Everybody was tired and jetlaged so we went to bed directly. It was a special feeling to come to Gunilla again and It felt like I was home again. Now we are waiting for new adventures and challenges!

Thank´s for reading :)

Ronja Andersson Midship


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