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On solid ground again

Today we arrived at our penultimate port Málaga. Many of us really think that time flies unbelievably quick now. We only have 17 days left until we need to get back to Sweden
again. Some people think that it will be nice to come home again, and some of us want to stay a little bit longer.

Today was our first day here in Málaga. Many of us really appreciate to stay in the ports, since we can sleep more and get out of the ship, compared with when we are out sailing. We in Starboard and Port were the lucky ones today because we didn’t have any watch. Therefore almost everyone went out to explore some parts of Málaga. Some friends and I went to the beach in the morning.

The weather was fantastic; not a single cloud in the sky and radiant sunshine. It was extra nice
since we have heard about the freezing cold weather at home. We sunbathed and played
volleyball on the golden beach, which was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Some of us, me included, took a swim in the clear blue and very calm Mediterranean sea. It was actually quite cold, but also refreshing and nice.

After having spent a couple of hours on the beach, some friends and I went to a cafe. We had a
very nice ”fika” where cappuccino, carrot cake, smoothie and crepes were included. After our cozy ”fika” we went to the shopping street and did some shopping. The shopping streets were covered with lots of Christmas decorations and it reminded us that Christmas is getting closer. That feels a bit weird since we currently are experiencing summer here. After the shopping it was time to get back to Gunilla again to have some dinner.

After the dinner many of us studied for a while. During the time we are out sailing it can be hard to study because everyone is so tired, since we have watches all day around. Today was a really good day and we are looking forward to exploring more of Málaga in the next few days.

Sofie Ölme, Starboard


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