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On the ocean again.

Now we have left Charleston and are on our way to Bermuda.
Charleston was a very beautiful city and we met a group of college students. They showed us around the city, they were very impressed by our pirate ship as they called it.

Now we are out at sea again. The weather is beautiful and the sea is
almost totally still. We recently sealed in to the Mexican gulf stream
and the water temperature changed from 20 degrees to 26 degrees.

Earlier today we laid on the forecastle and the alarm started to ring.
And there was a mob exercise. Which means man overboard. We had lost a
head of cole.

All of us stood and kept watch while the helmsman turn the ship aournd.
The excercis whas sucesfull and we saved it.

After we found the head of cole we stopped fore a quick swiming in the
ocean. The water whas very warm. We jumped of the forecastle and from
the poop deck. When we got up from the whater we saw a shark. It whas
very cool.

Ida-karin Johanson, Portside


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