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”On the third day he rose again”

Just like me. Only I don't think Jesus spent his three days in hell, but hey, at least it's been hot.

Today is the first day during this voyage that I'm back on my feet, been able too keep any food in my belly and also washed the sweat, tears and deeply depressed expressison of my face. So I really hope this acsend-up-in-heaven part that's supposed to follow now is going to make up for all the rest. There should be at least some benefits of becoming the next Messiah.

I'm just worried the Jamaicans won't have been updated on the situation and my visit, the lack of internet is definitely a problem, and out here at sea, how will they have heard of my resurrection? It's pretty much the biggest happening since Haile Selassies visit. It would be a bummer if they all missed it. Also I was kind of expecting praises and offerings, preferably in the form of Snickers bars. But it won't be the end of the world if my arrival goes unrecognized, my mom has already stocked me up on Snickers.

Time to go, sins don't forgive themselves.

Olivia Lundell


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