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Our day at the beautiful Isle of Wight

Our day officially started at 8 o´clock when we rang the bell and hoisted the flags.

My friends and I had decided that today we would take the ferry to the isle of Wight, unfortunately we missed the ferry that was scheduled at nine o´clock. When we arrived at the ferry terminal in Portsmouth we actually saw the ferry leaving, that was a bit irritating, but we bought tickets and took the ten o´clock ferry instead. The ride took 30 minutes and half past 10 we arrived in Fishbourne. Then we took the bus to a city on the island called Ryde. In Ryde we looked in some shops and we tried to hire bikes so we could cycle around the island, but when we got to the place where you could rent bikes they didn´t have any bikes “in our size” left. Apparently, we were “too small” for the big bikes. Therefor we changed plans and since the city had a long beautiful beach, we bought food at the supermarket and had a picknick by the water and with a view over Portsmouth and the Spinnaker tower.

After we ate lunch by the shore, we took a bus to another city called Sandown. The bus we went on took us a bit in on the island, towards the little houses and big grass fields. The double decker bus partly didn´t have a roof and the fresh wind breeze and watching the beautiful scenery could really take your breath away.

In Sandown they also had a beach, so we walked there with bare feet and eating ice cream. Enjoying the view of the white cliffs, the horizon and the beautiful sunset.

By seven o´clock we took the bus back to Fishbourne, but we were unlucky with the ferries again because now the ferry was delayed 25 minutes instead. The 30 minutes it took back home to Portsmouth were so cosy. Almost no people on the ferry and we got to sit in the sofas, everyone were a little bit too tired because of the long day and we were all ready to go home. There is no better way to end the day then to be a bit sleepy and knowing that at home on Gunilla your bunk awaits you.

Best wishes, Svea Ohlsén SA1821


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