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Our day in Marrakesh!

But there was no beauty sleep on the buss either because we had our own guide, named Habib, talking almost all the time.

Our last day in Morocco started way to early with breakfast at six o'clock. After the breakfast a three and a half hour bus ride waited to take us to the city of Marrakesh. Because no one got their beauty sleep that night I think kind of everyone slept on the way up. At least I did.

On our way up Habib talked about many different things. Interesting things about Morocco and much more! Sadly, I didn’t listen because I was asleep. One thing my friends told me about was the goats in the trees. The goats jump up in the trees to eat. Only in Morocco!

When we finally arrived to Marrakesh the first thing Habib showed us was a mosque and took us through a nice park. After that he took us to the Bahia Palace. The Bahia Palace was also nice and after that we ate typical Moroccan food as lunch.

Then we went to the Souk.

The Souk is a great place to meet annoying, irritating and pushy people. It’s also great if you enjoy seeing apes being treated like shit and snakes starving to death because they can’t eat. If you like to bargain the souk is great because there’s so many shops and so many people to annoy. The juice was great. If you go there, drink some juice!



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