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Our dear “Backen”

Today was the day things were starting to become a bit better. For four days Gunilla have been violently rocked back and forth on the open sea. It have been really windy and way colder than we are used to.

I looked forward to have the watchtime 4 to 8, because the freetime is from breakfast to lunch. Then you could spend the time outside on Backen, which is the students place on the boat. Unfortunately these last days haven’t been days you want to hang on Backen, but today was different.

When the pink sun rose from the sea at 7 am, during our watch, you could feel that this was going to be a good day. People came out on deck smiling and only wearing shorts and t-shirts.

I spend the morning on Backen, reading and really enjoying being out at sea. We saw two
dolphins, who swam next to Gunilla for a while. During this trip we haven’t seen much
dolphins, therefore everyone became very happy. Portside, another watch, saw also a whale. If all days were like this I don’t want this sealeg to end, said another student. I agree with her, days like these are amazing. However, it looks like a cold front it will come tomorrow.

Therefore I will stop writing now, because now I want to go outside and spend some time on Backen. Hopefully we get some good last days out at sea! I hope everyone is doing well and can enjoy the sailing!

See you soon!
Emmelie, Starboard


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