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Our first day in Lisbon

Portugal looks so beautiful from the boat right now and I am really excited to visit this city witch also is our last harbor, and it's just 8 days left.

12.00 o'clock every one was standing on deck, Janne did like always inform us of the rules we have and our DoS told us about the school work. Afterwards we were free, Midships began their watch and Starboard and Portside went to discover Lisbon.

We are always getting tips on what we can do in every harbor from the year over ous and is this harbor they recommend to surfing, go to cascais, feira da ladra, eat ice cream at Amorino and much more. So that was what many of us did that day in Lisbon.

Between the activities are we doing some interviews with the people who lives here. Its really interesting to she what they have to say when we are asking them questions about the refugee crises.

Today was the weather so good and it was sun all day long. That made our first day at Lisbon the greatest.

At the night we were driven back to Gunilla by a tuc tuc, the ride was fast and funny. The driver parked just a few meters from Gunilla so it wasn't a long way to go. When we came back we saw that Midships had hanged up hammocks where the wanted to sleep in, cold I think.

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