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Our last day in Barcelona

Today I got up already at 06:30, which is a tradition I had ever since we arrived to Gunilla. Being up early in the morning has many benefits such as avoiding all the strange rouses, you get to be first to the breakfast, and usually you have time for a quick shower before the morning gathering.

After the gathering we students in natural science went for a trip to one of Barcelona’s suburbs, Badalona, ​​which we could easily reach by using the local subway. When arriving in Badalona we visited the maritime research center "Escolar del mar" which welcomed us with open arms. They taught us things as how the different seasons and storms affect the marine life in the Mediterranean and we even got a guided tour around their aquariums.

When we got back from the study visit, me and some friends went out to get a last look at the streets of Barcelona before putting to sea. In the end we walked of roughly one mile and ate dinner at a Tapas restaurant before returning to Gunilla again.

Getting the chance to sail with a ship as T/S Gunilla is an experience of a lifetime. Meanwhile, as patterned on board, you get to know a lot of new people from different cultures, you learn how to sail a square-rigger and get the opportunity to explore ports you may never have seen otherwise. During our time in Barcelona, ​​we have experienced how the situation is in Catalonia, and how it has evolved, during a time when they work to become an independent country. Instead of reading about what happens in newspapers or online, we get the opportunity to be there when it happens. We could for example sit at a cafe along “La Rambla” whilst it a few hundred meters away writes history, how cool isn’t that?! During our visit in harbor we also did things as hoisting double guest flags, studying parrots in palm trees and visiting churches like "La Segrada Familla".

Say whatever you want but I think our school is the best in the world!

Over and out,

Albin Haglund, Port watch


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