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Our lovely trip to plymouth and our beautiful day of leaving

Our sleep had not been good because our nightwatch had made us stay up approximately half the night, but when we left Plymouth all our minds were at ease because of our beautiful day. And our parade sailing.

Yesterday the captain's friends were aboard and when we left the Plymouth port he wanted to impress them by setting lots of sails at the same time. All watches were on the main deck and helped with the sails. The sails were set, one by one. In perfect sync. Then our watch went to sleep and when we woke up England was far far away in the horizon. On our nightwatch we saw an oil platform and lots of boats. It was kinda nice to see some life after our trip between The Azores and England, where we just saw the sea for eleven days straight. We have a whiteboard abord for important stuff but everyone keeps writing weird stuff on it. It’s new fun things on the board everyday and the crew erase it once every other day. But before they erase it it escalates and is full of bullshit and luck wishes from the students. That's one of the things you’ll never understand after our journey was a little fun thing on our day. I’ll really miss those small things a lot. Now it's time for France and LOTS OF CROISSANTS! We are going to pass through a lock into the French port. You’ll be able to read about that tomorrow, until then, bye.

Ella Göransson Emgård


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