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Out and about in Portsmouth

This morning I woke up after having a full night of sleep for the first time in 11 days and for the first time in 11 days we were not at sea.

This morning I woke up after having a full night of sleep for the first time in 11 days and for the first time in 11 days we were not at sea. These last couple of days I´ve started to get a bit sick of being out at sea and just really wanted to stand on land again so it was a great feeling knowing that we would soon be able to stand on steady ground again.

This morning we took up the anchor at 9:30 and headed in to Portsmouth. It feels very weird to know that we have arrived at our last port. Now it´s not long until we´re back in Sweden. On one hand I´m really looking forward to coming back home and seeing everyone that I´ve missed these past two months, but at the same time I want to stay here forever.

We came in to Portsmouth at around 11 in the morning, but weren´t allowed to leave the boat until 12:30. Since we didn´t have that much time we decided to just walk around Portsmouth. Some of us wanted to go second hand shopping and Kiki told us that there was a street called Albert street that had a lot of thrift shops, so we headed that way. After looking through some stores we ate some ice cream, you see, it´s very important to never miss the holy “trefika”. After that we continued to stroll through Portsmouth, looking through some nice little shops and at all of the nice, very British buildings. This city really looks like the way that you would imagen a British town would look like. It´s a very nice little city with many nice-looking places and cozy cafés. I think that we will have a few very nice days here and I´m looking forward to exploring the city more.

For dinner we did the one thing that I really wanted to do here in Portsmouth, ate fish and chips. We bought our dinner at a little hole in the wall and took it with us to eat in a park further down the road. The park was nice and it was all fun and games until a little bird came and disturbed us. One of us had a little problem with the bird and wanted it to go away so she threw a piece of food to it so that it would leave and leave it did. But then it came back, and to get it to leave once again someone threw it another piece of food, but this time it wasn´t as successful. Instead of getting the little bird to leave we were now under attack from a pack of seagulls. For a short moment panic erupted and we were sure that someone was going to be pooped on, but the seagulls disappeared, and we could all calm down. After a while we slowly started to make our way back to the boat, stopping at a pub to drink some coffee and watch the sunset and at a grocery store to buy some fruit before coming back to the boat after a nice day out and about.



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