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Packing feast

Our voyage is sadly starting to end. Today we all packed our things and it was not as easy as one might think it should be.

When having the “packing day” we get divided into four different groups depending on which bunk you sleep in so that you have some space since
the cabin isn’t that big. You get two hours to pack which seems like a very long time at firstthought but after a while you realise that it is completely reasonable because you have a lot to pack but not so much room to pack it in. All I can say is that I won’t pack again for a while if I absolutely do not have to.

When you aren’t packing your things you either work on deck or you need to be on land. I started with work on deck, then I packed and after that I went to the beach. After a while we went back to the boat to get ready for the final dinner feast that we always have before we go home. The theme was Greek and you could do whatever you wanted with that information. At the dinner all the watches performed a song that they had written and starboard showed us a musical they had done. The whole night was very funny and the dinner tasted amazing. After the dinner everyone was very tired and all I wanted to do was to
jump into bed and sleep but then I realised that all my things were on deck in my bag. With tiered steps I walked up and got my pajamas and finally whent to get a good night's sleep.

Annie, midship


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