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Paintball in Malaga

A day with a slow start but a fast ending. A day beginning with work and ending with paint. And also the best day of our journey.

Our daily morning meeting began at 07:55 as usual where we discussed the day and so on. Starboard which is my watch, had the watch at Gunilla that day. Luckily we got to take part in the paintball game that everybody was going to play. Through hard work arranging the game and our captain letting us go, we were on the bus heading to the mountains. It was a long and hot ride. Excitement rushed through my body and I just couldn’t wait until we were on the field.

We arrived 30 minutes later but it took a while until everyone was ready with their suits and guns. The leaders needed to go through all of the instructions and rules but I did not care, I just wanted to go crazy and run into the field. The game finally started, the adrenaline kicked in, blood rushed and bullets filled the sky with colors. Our first main mission was to plant a bomb in the red team’s base. We failed. But it was so fun! There were tons of different games to play like “Defend the flag” and much more. The battles between team red and blue were like a warzone where we fired, hid, ran, sweat and literally shed blood. During one of the last battles called “Team Deathmatch” I shot one of my friends Adam in the back of his head twice. Sorry Adam… All of us had such a great day even though we went through so much pain. Many of us paid for extra bullets. Some paid 20 Euros but the average paid about 15.

We were all tired on the way back to Gunilla. I fell asleep on the bus. As a memory of the day, I saved one of the bullets which was pink colored.

Mir Woshman


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