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Particulary chaotic incidents

It was 7AM, when we usually go up to eat breakfast, but instead of someone walking around in the cabin and waking us up, we woke up by someone banging on the door so hard that it almost broke.

This day started in a very particular way. At first I just thought it was our friend who was just being annoying. I jumped down from my bed, both surprised and in panic, and when I opened the door I wasn't met by an annoying friend, but our captain, screaming at us. It showed that last night when I locked the door to get into my closet without someone opening the door on me, I forgot to unlock it. Our first thought was that we wouldn't be allowed to leave the boat, as a punishment for my mistake, but that's not what happened. Even though it was a serious and dangerous thing I did, I have to say that the captain does the best rousings. I don't think that i've ever woken up so fast, five seconds after I woke up I stood up in my room and I even stayed up afterwards instead of just going back to sleep again. This lead to me and my roommates going to the captain's cabin to apologize and explain ourselfes. We do understand how serious and dangerous it can be to lock the door and it wasn't locked on purpose, and he understood and accepted our apology.

After our 8AM meeting on deck I was so exhausted by the mornings incidents that I went straight to my bed and sleeped. My plan was to sleep to lunch because I stayed up late last night but after two hours I got woken up by two classmates who thought what happened this morning was hilarious, so they banged on the door in hope that we would panic again. Both me and my roommate, who also was asleep, got really mad with them for waking us up and then, to make it worse, they started talking with us when we both wanted to continue sleeping.

We got up by lunchtime and then I tried to do some schoolwork for once, and to my surprise I actually got something done. At 3PM Poprtuguese students from the school came to the boat and I showed two girls around the boat together with others in my class and after that we ate some “fika”. The students here are really nice and yesterday when we visited their school I had the best time i've had at any of the schools during the trip, so it was fun to show them around today and talk to them again. When the students then left Gunilla so did we. We got into town and walked around in a area called Baixa which is the city centre with many stores and restaurants. We found a really nice restaurant in the district that served Portuguese and Italian food where we decided to eat dinner. At first the weather was kind of good but then it started raining, so we thought what's better to do than get some ice cream? So that's what we did at a place called Amorino and they serve the best ice cream. Even though it's expensive I think that it's worth it because you choose a size and then you can choose as many flavours as you like, which I think is a really good idea instead of taking a big scoop of one flavour.

The day ended a bit chaotic just like the start of it, because we wandered around in the rain trying to find a cab to take us to the boat. When we found a cab and had jumped in, it showed that the man driving didn't know any English, and we don't know any Portuguese. He tried over and over again to speak Portuguese and I think that I had to explain about ten times that we only knew English. Fortunately I had a map with me so I could point on the map where we had to go. When we were on the dock it showed that we were on the wrong side of it but since he didn't understand English we just had to accept it and walk the last bit. Then we realised that it was 15 minutes left til we had to be on the boat, so we had to run to make it in time.

To summarize, this was a very eventfull and chaotic day to say the least, but we're alive and safe on the boat so I call it a success.

Best of wishes,

Agnes Ranås SAB1518


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