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Picnic in the botanic garden

So far in Madeira, we’ve been up to so many things so today we all felt we needed a day to take it easy - and a pause from all of our recent experiences. We’ve seen waterfalls, climbed great hikes, swam in natural pools, toured the entire island in a bus and seen a lot of beautiful views all over Madeira.

Today was the last full day in Funchal, and I had a free day. As soon as the morning assembly was finished, I slept until lunch - a well needed rest. When I woke up I found Timoty and Vidar practicing the guitar on deck, an instrument used almost constantly here onboard. For lunch we had pasta with cheese and ham sauce, and then we got ready. A few of us in the starboard- and midship-crew went to the farmers market and bought some fruits and snacks, before we took the bus up to the botanical garden in Funchal. The garden was a little bit overgrown, but very beautiful with different kinds of cactuses and flowers. After a quick walkthrough, we sat down on a neatly cut lawn and enjoyed out picnic in the sun. We all agreed that we had seen enough of Funchal in the past week to walk the streets again, but before we walked back to Gunilla we visited a few stores. I bought a Madeira fridge magnet to add to my collection of travel souvenirs. Even though we had a calm day, I felt for a night in and I was lucky that Lord of the rings was streaming in the main room. Early tomorrow morning we are leaving port for anchoring, and hopefully we are going to see some seals.

Hulda Svensson, starboard


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