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Poolparty and new year celebrations

Today we had a lot of fun activities to celebrate the day, New Years Eve. The celebrations were a lot different from how we usually spends this day. I mean, how often do you actually switch year in the middle of the Atlantic.

First of all the Midship watch got too set up a pool on deck built out of ropes and tarpaulin. Then half past three pm we filled the pool up with water from the sea and the poolparty started. We listened to music and drank pinacolada milkshake (without alcohol of course, you can breathe out at home). It was a sunny and warm day and we had all the conditions too have a nice and fun party. Even some of the commanders got into the pool, we had such a good time.

In the evening we had dinner, all the watches together. We all had to dress up and then we sat down. The partycomity had made very good arrangements with small pieces of papers with our names on it so we got our own seats. It made the dinner feel very professional and we also got notes with small missions that we had too complete during the evening. Some had the missions to hold a speech while others acted in strange ways like taking pictures of everyone up close without saying anything about it and running around the table as soon as anyone said the word ”cockroach”. Even though some of us missed our families we had over all a fun day with a lot of laughter. Now its time for a new year with new possibilities. New year new me, as everybody says, right?

Mira, Port watch


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