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Today I woke up in Portsmouth. Last time I was awake was at 4am when the watch ended. We were still on the sea and I only saw Englands coast at that time. It was beautiful though, all of the lights from the building were bright in the dark night and the sky was clear and the stars were shining.

After lunch me and my friends decided to explore the city a little bit. The first thing I noticed about the harbor we are in is that it remined me about a city part in Gothenburg called ”Eriksberg” with is also by the water. It is also a big shopping mall with many designer brands right outside the gate. But we got kind of bored there so we searched our way to a part of Portsmouth called Southsea. It was a really cool area with vintage stores, book stores and some restaurants. We decided pretty fast that we needed lunch so we found a place that looked good. And let me tell you, the food there was really good. Me and my friend shared a nacho plate and it was really big and delicious. The others ordered burgers and fries and that tasted amazing as well. I think we all could agree that afterward we didn’t want to eat anything again, ever.

Yesterday we found out that it is only one month left of this trip. It feels kind of sad that it isn’t that long left. I know that you probably think a month is a really long time but time really flies when you have fun and there’s no denying that. And we already finished more than half of the days at sea which makes it feel like there isn’t that much time left. But we still have two more harbors/cities to visit which I am very excited about. And we just arrived in Portsmouth so we still have much time left here.

I really look forward to exploring more and do all of the activities our teacher has prepared here for us in Portsmouth. But so far my impression of the city is that it's very nice and the people here are kind, polite and helpful which is always fun when you travel to new places.

Elsa Måhlberg, Starboard


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