Öckerö gymnasium

Portsmouth Grammar School

Our school is a special school that is very different from many others.

For example, the school we visited today, the Portsmouth Grammar School, a very expensive school with many strict rules. One of the rules is that all the student have to wear school uniforms that include a shirt, a tie and trousers for boys and skirts for girls. I usually feel well dressed in the polo that we wear when we visit places on the trip, but I felt underdressed when I came to Portsmouth Grammar School and saw the students with their uniforms.

It was a cultures-crash because it is so different from our school and the life on Gunilla. I had workday today so I came directly from my working clothes with paint in my hair and dirt under my nails, and it made me feel misplaced. Some of the students are going to visit Gunillia, and when they come we can show them all the tasks we do and they will probably understand my situation.

Anyways, the visit was interesting and fun. We ate British school food which wasn’t very different from Swedish food, except that they have to pay for it and they are able choose from many different dishes. Then we learned things about Portsmouth and finally we had a quiz about England and Sweden. The students also showed us around the school, and it was many times larger than our school in Öckerö.

Take care

Ronja, portside


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