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Port watch in El Hierro

A day in the galley as the chefs´ assistants with my two others teammates. During the day we have prepared for all the meals including the BBQ-party we have had this evening. We grilled outside on deck and it was still warm even though the sun have already begun to set. It felt like a summer night in Sweden.

Monday 3 January and starboard, my team, has port watch. today it was my turn to, together with two others to be in the galley. We started the day with a cup of coffee, which the chef had made. It was very fitting, even though it was instant coffee. The coffee machine on board has not worked since we patterned. While we drank, we also prepared for the 10-break. The three of us in the kitchen were about to choose who takes which break. There are three options, a break between 9-11, 13-15 or 15-17. We all wanted the break between 13-15, we decided to draw lots, I got it.

So after lunch we took all the dishes and at 13 I laid in the sun and watched my other teammates who did maintenance work. Some painted under the mast and others did work in the mast. When I came back to the galley, I was given the responsibility to make a salad, I knew we would have a BBQ- party in the evening so I made something I would like for my meat at home in Sweden. We started the grill at 5pm and at 6pm it was time for dinner, because we had already been served, we could eat at the same time as everyone else. It was still warm outside even though the sun had passed the mountains.

We all sat together on deck and enjoyed the dinner and the company as well. When the dinner was over it was time for me and my galleyfriends to take all of the dishes, there was plenty of it. After one hour we were done and everything was cleaned. It has been a good day onboard, good weather and good food.

Elsa Bergman


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