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Post day, hurray!

Today have been a beautiful day with a shining sun and some cool breezes. Gunilla have been sailing in perfect speed and she is heading directly at Horta, the Azores.

I have also had the pleasure to navigate the enormous ship since I was working as post today. Sometimes it´s really hard to steer because the waves make the compass uncontrollably fly away, and sometimes you are right on course and you feel absolutely unstoppable. Thereafter I was the lifeguard and the lookout and it was both fun and boring. It’s especially though when you see everyone else do exiting things like set and hoist sails and you just stand there doing nothing at all. No sorry I´m kidding, you do a lot as post and lives are depending on you that is why it is the most important task here on the boat.

For the moment some of us is sitting in the “saloon” and studying really hard. No not really, the truth is that are we actually eating popcorn and talking about funny moments we have had on the boat. But at least we are trying. Soon we are making our way to the “dining room” to eat once again. On today’s menu it´s chicken with roasted root crops. Yummy!

The days here at Gunilla are floating together like the many waves on the endless ocean. Every day is almost the same and that´s why you don’t know what day it is anymore. You are just helplessly jogging along, sea mile after sea mile, to for us an unvisited destination. Soon we will be there but until then I will just continue enjoy our trip.

Have a nice time you all! See you soon. <3

Kind regards,

Alicia Einarsson


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