Öckerö gymnasium


Now have we began our last sailing on this trip. From six days in beautiful Dominican Republic will we now sail for eight days to our last port Miami.

I would lie if I said that I’m not happy about coming home. To meet my family and friends again, to be at home and just lay in bed all day. Not have anything in mind, no watch and no school, for at least one week. That will be nice and it´s not that far away anymore.

Today I worked in the kitchen where I served and fixed food to all students. I like to work there even though it can be very stressful sometimes. After four hours our watch was over so I went out on sundeck and read a book. I really need to take in the last sun now before we go home. Home, in Sweden I have heard that its most rain and grey.

There is also something wrong with the fire alarm so it starts alarming even though there is no fire. In like one week have the alarm went out five times. Today the fire alarm just went out one time so that is actually progress.



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