Öckerö gymnasium

Rain and dark clouds

This morning I woke up to Ivar saying that it was raining outside. Because I was going to be lookout I put on more clothes than I usually have at winter in Sweden. Outside it was very hard to see what was in front of the ship, but I did my best and after what felt like an eternity I heard the bell ring and it was my turn to steer.

The next time the bell rang it was time for food and the entire watch except Freya, Jerry and I went inside. Fifteen long minutes later it was our turn to "fika". Mattias and Anna had made hot chocolate and warm sandwiches. Every day we have a competition with starboard and the winner gets to choose what we will compete in next. Today the challenge was to stand on one leg the longest and Anna from our watch won.

After breakfast I slept, ate and hung out in "the big mess" until the next watch. Jerry, Deya, Mattias and I spent the first half of our watch in the top of the mast sanding down the wooden parts of the mast. At the end of our watch we decided that the next challenge will be limbo.

Now it's time for me to go to bed.

Jakob Hedelin


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