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Rain and Fun With Friends 

The first rain of the trip, we haven’t seen rain in days; only the bright sun and the Easter moon. 

The trip to Charleston gave fairer winds than expected; Hence we arrived about a day early. Which meant Midships and Port had their day off today and were free to explore Charleston.

Some people went to the outlet to buy some clothes for the cheap, and Walmart next to buy sweets for the trip across the pond to England.

For lunch, the cooks had left over fiesta, but some friends and I meet up with one of the students (North), we have talked to before our journey. He showed us around the city centre; he showed us the historic city centre market where you could buy some beautiful souvenirs, then he showed us the waterfront park and the battery facing Fort Sumter (where the war between the states started).

Later one of his friends showed up (Robbie), and we all went to a soul food restaurant on James Island, it was lovely, we had traditional Southern food and a great time. Here another student from the school showed up (Bella). We had lovely a chat and great food.

They told us that the place to go was Folly Beach, so the droves us there so we could have a look. A real surfer’s place it was a tourist trap, with a Caribbean feel. We tried walking out on the fishing pier, but while walking out to the gazebo, the lifeguard told us the pier was closed due to heavy wind. So we went back to the car, on the way they told us we needed to have the American experience, Walmart. Here North and Bella had to leave us, do to errands.

On the way out I could almost feel the thunder; right as we sat down, it came purring down. The type of rain you rarely see at home. It rained heavily for fifteen minutes, and then it stooped just as suddenly as it begun. Robbie told us; every summer the thunder comes at about five in the afternoon every day, and due to Charleston being under sea level it floods regularly.

Ones back at Gunilla, some friends and I went to have a look at the boats in the harbour and made some small talk to the boat owners. We had some enjoyable conversations, and we made some new friends.

All and all, it has been a fabulous day. We made a lot of new friends; all of which I hope to soon meet again.

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