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Real seasickness

It’s Monday and we left Miami shore 9 o’clock this morning. Now the real adventure begins, with all the challenges and struggles it comes with.

Personally I felt a bit seasick even before leaving, and so I prioritized sleep instead of being present out on deck while leaving Miami. The waves woke me up and made me aware of what real seasickness feels like. Not a very pleasant reminder, but one that is hard to avoid. I’m part of the Port-watch, which means I’m working 12 to 4 AM and 12 to 4 PM. This whole day I’ve felt quite weak and tired due to the seasickness, and I guess it’s part of the prize you have to pay to experience something as extraordinary and special as this. I really like our new watch-leaders and I’m very lucky to have friends to turn to if things get rough.

The waves are high and many people have felt sick, just like me. I hope this is the worst it gets and that everyone here will feel better by tomorrow, or at least in a few days.

Signing off



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