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Sharknet-party, birthdaycake and new sheets. Mine and many other's rebirth here on Gunilla.

After five rough days at sea with high waves and a lot of seasickness, the weather finally calmed down. My energy slowly came back and I finally had the strenght to take a shower, eat a normal meal, study and change sheets. Things that during these last days have seemed impossible, was finally achieved.

After eight striked bells we all started to sing “ Ja må hon leva” (happy birthday) for Wilma in midships, who turned 19 years old. I think Wilma had a great birthday, she had all the right conditions. I too had a really good day. Me and my friend Livia, who also has been very seasick, called the day our rebirth day since we finally were able to do all the stuff we had not done since we left Funchal.

After our 12-16 watch it was time to prepare for the big sharknet-party that night. The changing of the net under the bowsprit was after many hours of work finally done. This needed to be celebrated with a little cermony, mingel, netcake and good mood. Our officer Eli was really excited for the party. The old net was set up as a roof and we mingeled under it with carrotcake in one hand and a soda in the other. The feeling onboard was really good and I hope and think everybody had a good time.

After the party I did the mistake of sleeping before watch, a mistake I make every day. The hours between 00 and 02 I had a really hard time staying awake. But after some scones and bluberry-soup for midnight snack I was awake and excited again. I saw some dolphines jumping in the ocean, and even though all the sails were down it was a really good watch and a really good day.

Now I hope the waves are staying small for the remaining 18 days at sea before we arrive to Öckerö, a thought that I actually think is very unrealistic. But miracles happen!

Moa Engström


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