Öckerö gymnasium

rise and shine

visit to cuban school, very prepared students, sang songs, danced and praised fidel castro ruz

they showed me how amazing they were, they knew about maths, and physics, and chemistry and even geography, good going cuban students

they congaed me to my bus with a built in siberian air conditioner put on full blast, adios amigos

lunch at flashy mansion with swedish ambassador, kinda cool

i ate chicken, and pork, and fish, and veggie food, with rice, rice and more rice. drank mojito without the good stuff and some kind of artificial tasting ice cream

then i took bus to a museum that did not work, some problem with the electricity, they told me, but i do not believe them; i think they did not know how the internet worked, oh well

then more siberian winter on wheels and suddenly i was thrown into a furnace of hell, filled with fifty children with humongous smiles plastered to their small faces, i do not know wether to laugh or cry

the room was forty degrees celsius but the children were amazing, with their singing and dancing and laughing; even the ones that couldn’t for the life of them hold a beat, it was very cute indeed

i tripped out of the siberian winter and was instructed to find a place to eat, not very easy on an island where apples are more rare than rain in the desert, so no dinner for me, only churros, they were tasty

i was thrown into the siberian winter again to be transported to a ”party” with the cdr, the cuban neighborhood watch with more than 8 million members

it resembled more of a cult, lots of plastic chairs placed in a circle in the middle of a block, where i was handed a cuban flag and a paper about fidel castro

they served me sandwiches with spreadable tuna, not my cup of tea, and canned fruit in plastic cups and some stew with pork and potatoes; served in plastic cups as well

i was ushered into the siberian winter for the seventh time that day and dumped outside a taxi boat terminal where i had to show my passport in order to be let through

the taxi boat could only hold eighteen people at a time, and i was last in line of 44 people; you do the math

after an hour of waiting endlessly i set foot on my precious boat where i instantly collapsed in my bunkbed; only to be rudely awaken a few hours later, because i had night watch duties to attend

another day on board over

another day still alive

over and out,

clara hermansson


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