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Road to the perfect tan

Today was the first day that we had the whole day by ourselves. We decided early on that me and a few friends would go to the south side of the island and get some color on the beach. We were hoping for a day with sun bathing, good food, and lots of playing around in the big Atlantic waves.

When I got up to deck for the morning attendance I looked up to the sky, then on my friend and we both started laughing. We couldn’t even see the blue color of the sky, all we could see was clouds and a cold and tired crew standing in front of us. We started to discuss what we could do instead of going to the beach, but all we could come up with was to go to IKEA but we can do that in Sweden so we crossed our fingers and wished for better weather on the south side of the island instead.

In the taxi we listened to the Mamma Mia soundtrack and sang so loud with our teenage voices so the driver probably wished that he never became a taxi driver at all. We saw the clouds getting thinner and thinner and the sun got stronger and stronger. When we got out of the car in Maspalomas the sun immediately started to burn on our skin, but we didn’t complain, instead we laughed from happiness and so did the driver when he drove away from the crazy swedes that he just dropped off.

At the beach we each rented a sun chair and started our journey to the perfect tan. Ten minutes in we all started craving for some food so four of us went to McDonalds and bought some burgers and fries for the whole squad. It may sound like we had a decent meal, but not really. When we got back to the beach the wind was blowing with tons of sand in both our faces and our food so instead of extra salty fries, we had extra sandy fries and thats not something that I recommend.

After the sandy meal we all pasted out in the weirdest positions you can imagine, when you have that picture in your head you can try to imagine what we looked like three hours later. I´ll help you by saying that we looked like the red and white candy canes.

To wrap it all up I really recommend you to bring sunscreen if you are going to the beach and have a bad pigment. Don’t follow my example and fall asleep for three hours without any protection on. It has consequences and I can already feel how my skin is burning, plus I look like a tomato. Now I’m going to watch a movie with some others and put on some aloe on my poor skin.

Klara Kyldahl


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