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Roadtripping the Azores 

A day that started with a flop but ended with a widespread smile that will last the whole workday tomorrow. An island-exploration that offered amazing food, delightful time with friends and wonderful views over the incredible volcano-island-environment. 

As the first whole day of our visit to the Azores began the plan for almost all of us was to rent some scooters to get the best experience possible of the island Faial that we’re staying at. The plan went perfectly well for like five minutes, firstly we didn’t find the rental place but when we did we soon realised that they didn’t accept credit cards so we ran for an ATM. When we finally found our way back to the rental place they had run out of scooters so the plan was suddenly totally screwed.

With outfits ready for a day full of scootering and high expectations we turn around with negative minds. But we were determined to make the best out of the day either way. We walked through a car-rental place, and with little hope we asked if they had a car and how old you had to be to rent a car. They told us that the only limits were to have a driver license so once again we were excited. We got two cars, one for five people and one for four, perfect number of seats because we were nine together in the group. The exploring could begin!

We took off on the small winding roads without any idea of where to go or what to do, exactly as it should be in my opinion. We soon realised that if we followed the brown signs we would come to some incredible sights. Huge cliffs and incredible views of the beautiful environment. We just drove around listening to high music and enjoying our time as much as possible.

When it was time for lunch, we really wanted to visit a vegan restaurant owned by a monk up in the mountains that the one-year older students told us about from last year when they were here, and so we did! Did we regret it? No! It was the most charming restaurant you could think of and the monk was just as wonderful as he had been described. We got a four-dish-lunch, all fresh and I must say it was the best vegan meal I’ve ever had.

Afterwards we continued driving and soon we had driven around the whole island. We went to a supermarket, after fourteen days at sea that was very needed, we took a bath by a black beach and just had a good time together.

We decided to have dinner in Horta, the biggest, and only, city on Faial, just by where we are staying at a restaurant second-mate Leo had recommended. I took a steak, clearly the wrong choice, four of the others took the Azorean polvo-octopus and it looked as terrifying as it tasted good. A whole octopus was served on a layer of potatoes, it really was amazing.

Back onboard I sat down to write this blog with people swarming around me, still thrilled for the internet we have here in the European Union.

Until next time!

William Stenbråten midships


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