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Safetydrill and Biscayatalk

The last day on biscaya, the weather is getting better but still you can’t place your coffee cup somewhere without risking the floor getting full of coffee. So I’m getting pretty done with this sailingtrip.

Sometimes I get really confused of that we actually sailed over the Atlantic sea in 17 days. Anyway it feels great that we soon will arrive to a coruna, according the other students that shall be the best destination on the whole trip.

So this day was actually pretty different in compare to most of the days to sea. The day started as always with work. I think that everybody got really surprised when we came up on deck dressed in our warm sailing clothes as always on biscaya but instead of rain and wind the sun beamed on us, everyone was felt that we soon should arrive to Spain. After a few hours work Jesper a officer came to me and told me that during the days safetydrill should I instead of join the rest of the crew on deck I should instead stay in my bed and wait for the firemens to save me. So during practice I needed to act like I was wounded by the smoke and fire. I was actually really fun.

Later on the evening on the day’s second watch it was my turn to have a biscyatalk. The first thing I thought when I got convinced was “what is there to say about my life”. But when I started to tell my story it was actually easier the I thought and I remembered things from life which I hadn’t thought about for a long time. So I would summit the day as very good and eventful.

-Erik Jenderbo, Starboard


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