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Today we’ve been sailing for four days, almost halfway through the sail. It’s been a lot of fun so far. Watching the sunrise and the sunset everyday is very nice, and I’m going to miss it when I get home. All we see is sea and sky. It’s an amazing view, especially from the mast.

Today we in the port side watch woke up at half past three in the morning and went straight to our four to eight watch. A lot of sails were set but we were going to set a lot of more. So we started with both of the top sails. We were going to set three of the staysails, but first we had to defurl them. So I went to the bow pole and defurled the outer jib. It was very funny to do and I really felt the seaway because it rolls a lot in the front of the ship. Then we set the mainsail just before it was time for our break at five. At that time all the sails, except for mizzen were set.

We went inside for coffee break. Today the galley help made scones and hot chocolate. It was one of the best snacks we had had on the boat. After that we got back on the deck and it was time to tighten the braces. Then Jesper told us to go inside the navigation cabin. There we watched a really old movie about sailors on a really big ship. It was the same type of ship as Gunilla but much bigger. The sail-men climbed in the mast just like us except for that they weren’t secured. When the movie was finished we went outside to wash the deck. In my watch almost everyone is seasick and at every watch at least one pukes but at this one as a rarity nobody puked which was very nice.

We finished our watch and then we had breakfast. After breakfast I went back to sleep and then I got up and had lunch. For lunch we had spagetti bolognese, which was really good. At twelve we have lessons in the big mess and then we have watch again at four pm. For dinner it’s chicken with tsatsiki which I’m really looking forward to. Then I’m going back to sleep.

Elsa Fjordstrand, NAB1922


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