Öckerö gymnasium

Sailing against the wind

The start of the voyage through the English Channel with Cherbourg as destination has not started as I expected. With wind right ahead and not a single sail set the captain has decided to seek shelter from the winds in a bay on the English side and slowly go further up against the coast by motor to later cross the channel when Cherbourg is just on the other side.

When you go by engine with winds right ahead even the little waves can feel like big ones. Gunilla almost flies up and down with water splashing on the poor lookout student at the very front of the boat. I´m starting to feel pretty tired of being at sea and wouldn’t complain to go home. I miss to have a normal life with some privacy, I miss my friends at home and I miss my bed.

Even though I want I sense some homesickness I am pretty curious to reach Cherbourg and France. Our teacher David told us he plans a trip to the D-day beaches which I am very excited for since I’m very interested in history an especially the war. I would like to see how the stories of the war is told in this legendary place.



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