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Sailing from the quay, literally

Today we sat sails from Lisbon towards Cadiz, literally.

When we had gathering on main deck our second officer Leo told us that he wanted to leave the quay only by using sails. We all got very excited so most of the people from the offwatch wanted to help. Leo told us his plan and after that we gathered with our watch leaders.

The midship watch was dedicated the foremast and all foresails, the starboard watch was dedicated the mainmast. The port watch took care of the unmooring. When all the watches were stationed, Leo started shouting out orders. It all went according to our plan until we realized that the wind had turned 140 degrees. Fortunately, our boat also has an engine, so we used some help from the bow thruster. But it was lots of fun to experience such a rare manoeuvre and to work with the people that’s not in your watch.

When we got out on the bay a bit, we had to sail under this miniature looking golden gate bridge, so Simon and I climbed to the top of the mainmast to get as close as possible. It looked very cool.

After a while, the wind was quickly increasing so we reached a speed of about 8 knots. That was too fast because with that speed we would reach Cadiz in 24 hours. So, we took down some sails. Now the plan is to anchor in a few days outside the coast of Cadiz.

Victor, starboard


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