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Sailing out from the Gunwharf Quays

Well this day started a bit different compared to the others.

Me and my friend onboard went out before breakfast to take a walk to the school we visited yesterday, and pick up her phone. Unfortunately she forgot that it was at her English family’s home where she spent the night, as you might have read in the blogs about. We were back after breakfast and then we had about 3 hours left in Portsmouth before our trip to France started. I thought it was sad leaving Portsmouth because I really liked it, we made so much fun things. As I said, we spent one night with a host family, visited different museums, did some shopping and spent lots of money on food, as usual.

Ready for take off and we started sailing out from the Gunwharf Quays, the harbor of Portsmouth, and the waves began to come. I felt a little bit of illness pretty quick but tried to convince myself that I was wrong. The lessons began down in the big mess, and that went surprisingly good. But as soon the watch started, I felt much worse and I got worried because it was my turn to be a galley rat, and the galley isn’t really the best place to be if you’re seasick. But I tried, began my watch in the galley, took some air and energy pauses once in a while so I could at least do something to help. I worked in the galley for almost one hour before I joined the rest of the people on the poopdeck, laying down and puked overboard. This is the most I can say about that watch, because I was spending it together with the rest of my seasick-mates, hugging each other and tried to convince and believing that it’s gonna go over and feel better. Honestly, I didn’t believed in any of that, and I was right, the seasickness stayed.

I really hope that you guys at home are having a good time, hopefully better than I have right now and I heard the weather are amazing so enjoy that. Don't get more tanned than us :P and we’ll see you all in one month!

Take care, xo

Gilda Blomqvist, Portside watch


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