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Sailing Towards the Strait of Gibraltar

When we set sail towards Gibraltar there was a lot of waves and seasickness, but even though it was challenging, the view amazed everyone. During the day we could see the horizon and at night the sky was filled with shining stars.

Today was the second day of sailing and my watch woke up at 4am. It was our first nightwatch sailing and we were all tired but excited. Since the distance between Cadiz and Gibraltar was not very far, we were sailing at slow speeds to reach Gibraltar in time for our docking. During the previous watch, almost everyone threw up due to seasickness, but our watch managed to get through just fine with only two people puking.

We learned how to set and furl all the sails. We also learned how to do lookout and helm. When we did not have anything to do we all gathered around the skylight to get new assignments, but we could also rest for a while and watch the stars.

At our day-watch most of us did the same thing, but this time some of us got to climb up the rig. With heavy waves and strong wind, we had to be very careful when setting the sails and today something could have gone bad. One girl got stuck with her hand halfway up and she couldn’t move. She needed immediate help or otherwise she could have broken her hand. Thankfully David was also climbing and came to the rescue. They then continued their assignment as planned. It all ended well and now we are off to sleep.




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