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Savory food at Tenerife

We have changed watches and today we woke up at 03:30 to leave the berth and go up on deck. It’s a strange time to wake up, but I think we all will get used to it soon. The stars were behind the clouds this morning, but this made the lights from the cities on Tenerife shine even brighter.

The wind didn't let us go to La Palma but instead we have now arrived at Santa Cruz de Tenerife. After lunch we left Gunilla and walked to the city. The city consists of small parks and many different shops. At first, we thought the shops were closed because of the Spaniards siesta, but time passed and the shops didn’t open. We realized that the dark stores instead depended on today’s date. It is the 13th day of Christmas and the only places with opened doors were some supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. Therefore, we spent the day eating lots of food. We drank coffee and ate croissants in one cafe and after a time we went to another cafe and bought ice cream. The weather is cooler than on El Hierro but the ice cream tasted good anyway. We kept walking around the city and visited a park and a supermarket. Then we ended our day at an Italian restaurant where we ate pizza. Everything was savory but I am very full now.

Frida, starboard


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