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School visits and a 17 year old girl

The 24 of January 2018, with other words you could also call this day ”Hildas 17th birthday”. For this day we had booked a table for 8 persons at the restaurant BB´s. This day also came with two school visits.

This day we visited two schools, a girl school and a boy school. We started at the boy school where we got a tour from one of the vice principals. He showed us the hole school and answered to our questions. After the tour we got a chance to interview and react with the boys at the school. It´s a really good experience to hear what they think and feel about big questions and to discuss our thoughts.

After the boy school, we went to the girl school. I can just say that the girls were really beautiful and it was so fun to talk with them. They ”felled in love” extra much with one guy from our class, they thought he looked a lot like Jack from Titanic. We talk a lot to the girls and discussed the differences between our countries and life styles. For example, they thought it was really exciting and weird that Elina has a boyfriend. But for us it´s more normal that people in our age has boy/girlfriends.

After the school visits we went to BB´s. We knew that BB´s parade dish was the crabback and we also knew that they are known for their ribs. So that was what we ordered, crabback and ribs. And i can just say that it really lived up to our exception. WOW! It was so good. We all said that this was so far the best meal that we have eaten on the trip.

So Hildas birthday was really successful and fun. When I asked her what she thought about her day she said that it was one of her best birthdays ever.

Above is a picture of us when we walked to the restaurant. It was really rainy!

Tilde, babord.


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