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Seamanship school

We have been in Barcelona for about 4 days. This morning i woke up late. The person that was supposed to wake up my dorm forgot so we missed breakfast I was not to happy about it. But when we finally woke up I looked at the clock and saw that in about 5 minutes we are supposed to be on deck.

I jumped down from my bed. I got dressed and rushed up to the line-up.

When I came up everybody stood and looked at me, it was really embarrassing. I walked to my place.

When captain Torben was finished Johan went through the day and he told us that seamanship class is going to a seamanship school here in Barcelona.

After the line-up there where 10 minutes to leave, I putted my pike on and went out on deck, then we started walk to the school, on the school we met up with the guy who was supposed to guide us. He showed us the school. It was a nice school. it was big and hade a lots of historical artifacts. The guide told us that we are going to go a bit to another building. Because they have a boat simulator there, I got really excited.

When we arrived the guide showed us the simulator, he told us that we couldn’t test it, because we didn’t have time which was a big bummer. He showed us different things you can do with the simulator.

Later it was time to go back to the boat. When we came back. We didn’t do much I studied for a test and then I went to bed early.

Melvin Fast, portside watch


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