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Setting sail again!

Today was the day we left Santa Cruz, in order to sail to Las Palmas, our last harbor. With good weather and wind, we are expected to arrive at Las Palmas in about two days.

Directly after line-up me and two friends took a taxi to a beach twenty minutes away by car. We were there the whole morning until lunch. We sunbathed, listened to podcasts, bathed and had overall good time together. At lunch we started to get hungry, and went to the nearest restaurant. Well there we ordered two pizzas to share and drinks. It sat well in the stomach. Suddenly the clock was 2 pm and we called a taxi back to the harbor. The taxi was delayed and we were back in the harbor shortly before 3 pm. After the meeting at 3, I sat down on deck to call home and say goodbye before we started sailing at 4 pm.

Just a short distance out on the sea the waves was high and once again things started falling around in the galley and under the deck. After dinner at 6 pm I went to bed, to get some sleep before watch at 12 pm.

Although it was difficult to get out of the sleep, we still stood up on deck dressed with both harness and life jacket in time. Beside some bracing we sat down and talked, sang some songs and played some games. A calm and cozy watch before we went to bed again.

Amanda Nilsson
starboard watch


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