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Setting sails towards Grenada

Yesterday we leaved Mindelo for our next part of the trip, crossing the Atlantic ocean.

After some wonderful days in Mindelo we had to leave for Grenada and crossing the Atlantic ocean When we left Mindelo we also changed our watch times, so the 12-4 watch got the 4-8 watch and the 4-8 watch got the 8-12 watch, and so on. I think that all of us onboard could say that it feels quite weird when your first used to be in the 12-4 watch, being awake between 12am to 4 pm and 12pm to 4pm, and when you´ve been doing that for a week, suddenly you have to follow normal night routines when you’re in harbour. And when you’ve been doing that for one week, you change watch times so then you have to be awake between 4pm to 8pm, and then 4am to 8 pm. Everyone of us feels that our systems and routines are a bit messed up right now, you don’t really know what time it is, you don’t really know when you’re supposed to eat or having lessons. But ill guess that we will not think about this after a few days.

When I ate lunch this day, we were talking about something and suddenly someone from the other table turned around and said “isn’t it New Year’s Eve in two days” I was just about to put a spoon of carrot soup in my mouth but I had to stop and think for one moment. Last time I thought about new years eve was during our Christmas celebration. The only time when I had that Christmas feeling, was on Christmas day, since that, I haven’t thought about Christmas or new year once. So, we all got pretty surprised when we realised that it only was two days left until 2019.

Another thing that´s happening onboard is that our chef´s are putting the whole ship on a diet. They´ve started making more healthy and nutritious food, like todays carrot soup served with roasted almonds and coriander, which was very tasty. Another day we ate Cesar salad which also was very nice.



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