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Seven days left

There are now only seven days until we see you guys back in Sweden. Here on Gunilla this is noticeable; almost everyone walks around and talks about what they are longing for and how they will spend their first days back home. The most missed things are spending time with family and friends, sleeping in your own bed, going to your own bathroom and also to have the ability to make your own choices.

For us in port the day’s first watch (of the two), began at midnight. We were all very tired, some of us had slept a few hours before the watch and some hadn’t, but as usual on night-watches, everyone was a bit slow. The watch went by, and the biggest highlight was oven baked sandwiches that we got for the snack break at 2 am.

At 4 am, when our watch was over, we switched watch with midships and then went straight to bed. Meanwhile, both midships and starboard had watch. During their watches they had to do different things such as clean the deck and also sea secure the boat due to the big waves and hard wind that made the boat move extra much this day.

Later, around 11 am, we got woken up, went to the small area right outside the galley and had lunch. When we were finished with lunch our second watch began. This time I was outlook, lifeguard and helmsman(the person who steer the boat). Because of a rotating system every thirty minutes, you get to be all the different posts during your four hours of watch.

When I was outlook for the third time, Gunilla had sailed all the way to Safi’s shore. Because we arrived one day earlier than estimated, we had to anchor. To be able to do so we had to furl all the sails, this to slow down the ship’s speed. When we had furled the sails and then anchored, it was time for the 3 pm snack break. We got gingerbread as well as the Swedish candies ”skumtomtar” and ”gott&blandat”. It was delicious and I think all of Gunilla’s students can agree that this was one of the best snacks we’ve got so far. It did not only make the seasickness a little bit easier to endure, but it also increased everyone’s longing for Christmas.

After the snack break, when all of us were happy and full, we in port went back to our last thirty minutes of watch before we, ones again, switched with midships. They got to brace the mainmast and the mast on foredeck before starboard got on watch and had to clean once more. This time though, they cleaned under deck instead of on deck.

For me, as well as for many others, this have been a great day filled with lots of laughter, even though we are all very excited to get back home in seven days.

See you soon,

Ellen Svanlund Nab 1720 (Port)


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